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Simulator Certification

Part 135, 142, 125, and 137 Certifications, SMS Programs, SAS Audits, DCTs, Waivers, Deviations, Exemptions, Expert Testimony, Audits, FAA Bureaucracy Navigation!


V1 Rotate was founded in 2017 as an agency committed to offering the highest level of service to Part 142 Training Centers Part 141, Flight Schools and 135 Air Carriers.


V1 Rotate employs retired FAA Inspectors and Airline Pilots with expertise in Pilot Training, Air Carrier and Air Agency Certification.


V1 Rotate assists its clients with Certifications, FAA bureaucracy
navigation, Civil Law Suits and a host of other needs.


V1 Rotate is a result driven organization delivering the highest quality service, productivity and professionalism.


A thorough understanding of our client’s needs and the obstacles ahead keeps V1 Rotate ahead of the competition.


This knowledge coupled with closely forged relationships, provides us with a competitive edge in obtaining success…your success.

  • Part 135 Air Carrier Certifications

  • SMS Programs (Manuals)

  • Part 60 Simulator Certification assistance

  • Part 142 Certifications

  • Part 125 Certifications

  • Waivers, Deviations & Exemptions

  • DCTs Completed

  • IS-BAO, Wyvern, Argus Prep

  • Expert Testimony

  • Compliance Statements

  • Mergers and Integration

  • New Aircraft Training Program Approvals

  • Audits, Compliance, Findings, SMS, SAS, DRS, DMS, DCTs, ODA? Huh?

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